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Bitcraft consists of a team of passionates of creativity. We specialize in designing and deploying innovative custom software for desktop, mobile and web interfaces.

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MediPrepare is really happy with BitCraft. They just do what a client expects: they respond quickly and accurately, are passionate about what they do, really demonstrating professionalism and expertise. They are pleasant to work with and have a really dedicated team.

Harry Hendrickx
Harry Hendrickx , PhD CEO, Founder @ MediPrepare

Bitcraft has been absolutely wonderful to deal with. Their professionalism and dedication have made them our go to team for any development work

Asad Naeem
Asad Naeem Co-Founder & President @

Bitcraft was able to ramp up quickly on our projects and provide quality software engineering work for our react-native mobile app. They were able to work closely with my team and even get a smart home environment setup in their office. I recommend Bitcraft to any software team seeking additional help on their project

Andrew Mast CTO @ Deako

We worked with BitCraft to build a complex financial reporting application in AngularJS. Beyond their high quality development work, BitCraft brought a level of expertise to the table that improved our entire ecosystem and ensured the financial success of our project.

Matthew Hawker Project Manager @ Kreios

“The work Bitcraft has done on our project has greatly influenced its final shape.

We are constantly working together to make it better.”

Pawel Ogonowski
Paweł Ogonowski Partner @ Conversion Sp. z o.o.

“Work done by BitCraft is always exceptional,

we highly admire their dedication to our project.”

Oliver James Purdue
Oliver James Purdue CEO @ Loot Ltd.

“BitCraft is responsible for creating e-commerce integrating solutions.

The work is done on time and according to our guidelines.”

Marcin Grodowski
Marcin Grodowski Vice President @ Leaselink Sp. z o.o.