How do you estimate projects?
How do you ensure your team understands the requirements prior to beginning coding? Do you build a prototype and review with the customer?
If you receive a final crystal clear specification, will you perform the work for a fixed price?
How are payments typically structured, and are they tied to milestones?
Languages and frameworks used? Only Django/Python? Typical software stack?
What code repository do you use...GitHub?
What communication tools do we use? Slack? Does the client have access to these?
How do you handle changes in the specification following project launch? Do you have some sort of change order procedure that includes, if necessary, a cost adjustment?
What tools do you use for tracking progress and costs? (Trello, burn charts, other?) What kind of progress reports do you provide to the customer and how often?
What documentation do you typically provide? What tools do you use for documentation?
Would we have access to your defect tracking system? Which one do you use?
How often do you do builds? How do you deploy code from development to production? Is deployment automated or manual? Do you do continuous integration and deployment?
What are your code review practices?
Do you do test-driven development? Please describe your testing procedures? What automated testing suite do you use if any?
Development processes and methodologies? (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, etc)
Please describe how you typically staff a project? Will there be a project manager assigned as a contact person? Is this person the same as the lead developer on the project? Are there set hours when this person will be available, and, if so, what are they?
Do you assign staff for the length of the project? Can we see the developers' CVs before project launch?
How do you handle intellectual property rights? Would you agree to a work-for-hire contract that stipulates that the customer owns all the IP rights to the developed software?
Do you offer long-term support? How is this typically priced?
How long has your company been in business? How many total staff do you have? How many developers do you have?
Other (how do you take care of the skills of your workers, do you update their knowledge?