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We will create web and desktop applications tailored to your needs. Starting from e-commerce platforms, through RWD websites ending with industrial IT solutions. We will also help to improve your existing application.

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Every application needs a solid back-end support. We use most reliable technologies to provide best back-end for your web and mobile applications. We can create back-end to match your needs.

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There are more than 2 billion mobile device users all over the world. No company can ignore those numbers, neither can you! Bitcraft will design, implement and deploy your mobile application on the most popular mobile platforms: Android and iOS.

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Cooperation models

Outsource of specialists

Flexible and cost-effective solution based on outsourcing a specialist ranging from developers (web, mobile, desktop) to qualified Project Managers.

Payment: Time & Material


Dedicated teams

The company provides a certain self sufficient group of specialists with a dedicated Team Leader who is a lead developer in the selected technology and is in charge of contact with the client.

Payment: Time & Material

Project Execution

The company is in charge of execution and implementing the whole project according to customer’s expectations. All is done in accordance to accepted range, deadline and cost estimations.

Payment: Fixed price

Cooperation process


1. First contact.

We learn about your great idea either through mail or by a skype call.


2. Initial analysis.

A team of professionals gets their hands on the project. Brilliant conclusions are being drawn.


3. Scoping session.

We set up a meeting with you during which we can work together on improving your project. It can take an hour but it also can last a whole day.


4. Project grooming.

An improved project is brought to existence thanks to our combined forces.


5. Estimations.

Now we know what the project is really about and we can get to the point and start drawing timelines and budgets.


6. Negotiations.

This process can be tiresome, but because we know each other already it will be swift and painless.


7. The handshake.

When all the paperwork is done it is the time to drink coffee and write some code.