PharmAlert - prophylaxis against unwanted drug interaction

PharmAlert application has been designed internally as a concept project to be installed on mobile devices used by elderly people to improve safety during multiple medication intake.

The project would deliver an intelligible and easy system which could decrease the number of unwanted drug interactions amongst geriatric population.

We designed the application closely taking under consideration possible disabilities of elderly people such as eyesight problems or Parkinson’s disease.

PharmAlert collects data and creates a database of drugs most often used together which could be a base for drawing conclusions about the most popular drug interactions and create main market value for the application.

The idea has been awarded the Seal of Excellence under the Horizon 2020 programme.


  • PharmAlert provides an appropriate warning as a response to possible unwanted outcome of drug intake.
  • The system may be configured to send a message to the family or the guardian alerting that the drugs the older adult is about to intake are life-threatening.
  • The software was designed to recognize drugs by means of automatic visual recognition (camera), speech recognition (useful not only for older users) or text entry.
Bitcraft Seal of Excellence


The application idea has been created as a response to an existing world wide issue concerning poly-pharmacy. The system architecture its functionalities, capabilities and whole design was inspired by extensive research of the subject.