Divergent Thinking

“Divergent thinking - a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions.”

This single sentence sums up quite nicely our approach towards new challenges. We face difficulties with excitement and overwhelming joy.

While working on the projects that we work on, while solving problems others don’t even know exist you are forced to use all those brain cells. Our mission is to think differently, faster, to see potential in seemingly simple things.

Our team consist of individual minds, each different and unique, but all have one thing in common, we are all extraordinary. By the way, we are always searching for more extraordinary friends.

We proudly call ourselves innovative. Many companies does the same, so what makes us different? For starters we put high emphasis on our team members to think outside of the box, in fact, this is one of the checkboxes on the interview sheet.

Our office is full of ideas flying around. Many BitCrafters have been awarded for their ingenuity, the awards were both individual and collective, local and international.

Best innovative e-business - Local Award
Digital Life Design - International Award
TMT.Ventures '7-minutes' - National Award
Innovation 2016 - Local Award
Microsoft Imagine Cup - International Award
ABB IT Challenge - National Award
Best engineer diploma thesis - Local Award
Seal of Excellence - International Award
Siemens Join Multimedia - International Award
Business idea - Local Award
My idea - my business - Local Award
Innovations in banking - National Award
Your startup - your future - National Award

Play with the award bubbles below...

bitcraft awards attributes

Why is it important, why are we telling you this?

Well, if you are here, that means at least one of the following:

  • You are looking for somebody who will be more than just a company that builds your product.
  • You are looking for a team that is passionate about your idea the same way you are.
  • You are looking for somebody who will take your great project and help you turn it into something awesome.

We are right here, and we are waiting for you. Learn about our processes and see how we perfectly fit into growth of your project

You can always talk to us before you make up your mind. But if you do, make your first step in our journey to greatness.