BitCraft Brainstorm – your idea into reality

What is BitCraft BrainStorm?

It is a process (BB for short) that makes your project and idea better! It was created during multiple cases of close cooperation with start-ups. We noticed that great ideas have great potential to grow and disrupt the environment at the same time being very eager to change. This is not a bad thing, actually this is a great characteristic.

BitCraft BrainStorm

Each start-up and each idea is born within a brilliant mind and bares its mark. The idea grows around the mind, derives from it and is built based on all those years of experience. We figured that when we add other agile minds to the equation 1 + 1 will be always more than 2!

This is the opportunity you may choose to take. We can work together on your next big thing, take it apart, analyze, test it, feel it, and by the end of the day, make it even better than it is right now.

What makes us qualified? We tend to think outside of the box. Throughout our work, we gathered multiple awards for the innovative approach and unconventional thinking.

We treat every new idea as an opportunity to improve not only the project, but ourselves as well.


Who can benefit from the process

This is a very good question. Not everybody that is for sure. You need to feel confident with your project enough to put it through the process. BB can influence your project and your approach in many different ways and only to the extent you allow it. During the BB the project may change, the target users may change, the functionalities may grow or they change. Maybe a pivot will pop up at one point. In any case you will not regret going through it.

So if you are a startup at the beginning of the road, BB is for you.

If you are a startup thinking about pivoting, BB is for you.

If you need validation of your idea or preparing to pitch it to some VC, BB is for you.

If you have “an idea” but no idea what needs to be done to make it happen, BB is definitely for you!

What do you get out of it?

Apart from pure pleasure of working with us, you will benefit from rich feedback:

  • fresh, honest look on existing product / idea,
  • new approach towards existing solutions,
  • definitely an innovative approach,
  • confirmation whether the project is going in the right direction,
  • simpler (if needed) solutions,
  • proposition of the technology stack,
  • workload estimations,
  • updated schedules,
  • processes with diagrams,
  • user stories,
  • use cases,
  • functionalities revised,
  • better, faster, “bigger”? Product,
  • that and much, much more…

How does the process look like?

How much does it cost?

This is another important issue you need to face. How much do you believe in your project? How much are you willing to spend on it? How much of that hard worked cash you are prepared to let loose to make it happen?

Now, on the other hand there’s BitCraft Brainstorm. Are you willing to spend only a small portion of that to validate your project? To find out whether this will work, or at least will it work the way you want it to? Is your comprehension of the subject good enough to convince the users to use it. Do you want to know what will it take to actually build your startup and bring your idea to life?

BitCraft Brainstorm process will save you money by avoiding future problems, overestimations, and overshoots.

After initial analysis we will provide you with our proposition concerning time and adequate price. Each project is different and each will take different amount of time and people to cope with. We need to learn at least the basics of your idea to tell you that.

What next?

When we’re done with BB you will have a clearly described and refreshed project. With the documents you will get you may proceed your journey and build this amazing thing we are all waiting to see.

You can approach VCs with this document to get founded. You may find a company and provide them with the specifics of your project to start constructing.

Or, you may stay with us, and continue the fun we had during the BB process and create your idea together.