Bitcraft people show their talent in creating computer games

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Previous weekend was very successful for our office colleagues. From 9th to 10th June our guys participated in a 48-hourly marathon called – Bialjam* 2018. Our co-workers, Maciej Iwaniuk and Szymon Zdanowski with their teams joined the competition, and we want to show their work!   The goal of the event is to popularise the art of creating computer games. Teams consisted of at most 5 members and their task was to create a game which will be connected in any way to randomly chosen topic . This year event’s subject was “Janusze” (in Poland this is an irreverent way to describe stereotypical middle aged polish man, who snoops business everywhere and every day with his son, named Pioter, think how to gain money in any possible, crafty way).   *Bialystok’s Creating Computer Games Competition Maciej Iwaniuk’s team won 2nd place with the“Janusze on OLY”.  Due to the topic, the team decided to make their game simply and comic. “Janusze on OLY” is a game for 2 to 6 players. A little bit about the rules: OLY’s rules are mapping other game named Dobbled. It’s a typical observation game. To play we need one computer to display requests, and every […]