Bitcraft people show their talent in creating computer games

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Previous weekend was very successful for our office colleagues. From 9th to 10th June our guys participated in a 48-hourly marathon called – Bialjam* 2018. Our co-workers, Maciej Iwaniuk and Szymon Zdanowski with their teams joined the competition, and we want to show their work!   The goal of the event is to popularise the art of creating computer games. Teams consisted of at most 5 members and their task was to create a game which will be connected in any way to randomly chosen topic . This year event’s subject was “Janusze” (in Poland this is an irreverent way to describe stereotypical middle aged polish man, who snoops business everywhere and every day with his son, named Pioter, think how to gain money in any possible, crafty way).   *Bialystok’s Creating Computer Games Competition Maciej Iwaniuk’s team won 2nd place with the“Janusze on OLY”.  Due to the topic, the team decided to make their game simply and comic. “Janusze on OLY” is a game for 2 to 6 players. A little bit about the rules: OLY’s rules are mapping other game named Dobbled. It’s a typical observation game. To play we need one computer to display requests, and every […]

Happy European Breakfast Day!

Happy European Breakfast Day!

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Here, in BitCraft, we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we don’t forget about it even if we need to rush to work every morning. Since today is the European Breakfast Day we’ve decided to prepare a group breakfast in our office kitchen, for those forgetful and the ones who love breakfast so much that they can eat it even twice a day 🙂 Statistically, on our polish tables, the dishes that appear most frequently are  sandwiches, scrambled eggs and sausages. Today, however, we’ve had the opportunity to taste other European breakfast dishes. We could choose croissants which is one of the favourites at french breakfast called petit déjeuner ; sandwiches with fresh bread, butter, various kinds of cured meat or jam like at german Frühstück or pick swedish frukost and taste crisp bread with mayo and various vegetables. There was also the Mediterranean accent – italian grossini, tomatoes with mozzarella and basil -which has matched our tastes perfectly. Did you know, that the world’s first breakfast cereal was created in 1863 and needed soaking overnight to be chewable? Luckily on our table there were only modern corn flakes, cereals and muesli with fruits […]

Award for being a learning company

Bitcraft is constantly learning

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We strongly believe that you learn your whole life. This is why BitCraft puts a strong emphasis on self-improvement and education. Hence, we are pleased to inform that we were awarded in the “The Learning Organization 2017”, competition organized by the Voivodship Labor Office, Bialystok University of Technology and Gazeta Wspolczesna. We are among the very best employers in Podlasie province concentrating efforts over the principles of organizational learning. Bitcraft has been recognized for investing in the development of its employees and providing continuous learning opportunities. Through a series of activities such as continuous staff training, stand-ups, presentations, hackathons, mentoring, onboarding of new employees, daily supervision of juniors by seniors, we are a company where the development of each employee competences is our company value and the most valuable asset. Congratulations to the whole BitCraft team! Learn more about the event: The gate of Podlasie:

SiemApp Everyone!

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Haven’t heard from your friends for a while? They’re not responding to your messages. A quick “Sup” should do the trick 🙂 SiemApp is a small social network which allows you to poke your friends. Apart from big web and mobile applications which makes our users’ lives easier, from time to time we like to create something small and plain cool. SiemApp is a simple Android application which allows you to send a one-word audio shout “siema” (means ‘sup in polish) to your friends from your contacts list. The application had its beginning during one of many Hackathon meetings and had been continuously developed as our internal project. We’ve been testing it for some time by sending “Sups” in free time and now we’d like to share this cool app with you! Download the application here: Some technicalities: Android versions supported: 4.4.2 and newer language: Java only 3rd party libs used: ButterKnife Dagger2 Retrofit2 Lombok EventBus GSON JodaTime HockeyApp Google Analytics Google Cloud Messaging MaterialDrawer ( MaterialDialogs ( MaterialEditText ( ExpandableLayout ( SwipeLayout ( RecyclerView Animators ( KeyboardDismisser (  


Timecto – to save your time

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In IT community a lot of us use Jira, that’s for sure. We all have to log our time and go through tasks. It takes some time and most of the time it’s troublesome. We know that. And we have built a solution. Timecto is a free Android mobile app created here at BitCraft to help Jira users manage and control their worklogs. With Timecto you are able to search and browse tasks, log your work time to these tasks, check work statistics on a bar chart or set your own reminders for work logging. The application also allows you to check tasks’ details and pick these as favorites to have them close at hand. We’ve created an application that’s simple and helpful. Also it is created using Kotlin which is the hottest trend in Android development right now. Timecto is available on Google Play and we encourage you to try it! It’s free and we hope you’ll love it. Don’t hesitate to send us some feedback! Get it now: Important note! If you’d like to use statistics, you will need to install one additional plugin for your Jira. But don’t be afraid, that’s easy 🙂 . You will […]

Our ingenuity has been noticed. BitCraft awarded.

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It was with great pleasure that BitCraft received an award for Innovation. In our short history it is already the second time we have been noticed for our work. On 22nd of May during the 10th annual gala of „Innowacje 2016” held by Kurier Poranny and NOT we have been awarded in the category of „digital solutions”. It is the first time that we have participated in this ranking and as it seems the first time’s a charm. The award has been given in multiple categories, in „digital solutions” our internal projects such as Auto On-Boarder, Project Starter and Conference Booking System proved to outclass the competition. Internal projects have their own quality to it, that special feeling. Ideas for those products came from within, from our own team. The execution, the concept, the architecture and of course the overall success is all because of team effort. We hereby say a big „thank you” to all who contributed. We had the pleasure to stand beside such great companies, with long business history as AC S.A., ZETO, Promotech or TenderHut. Congratulations to all! Additional info: Auto On-Boarder Application which renders manual on-boarding processes obsolete. It is an automatic system which with one click […]

Bitcraft Seal of Excellence

BitCraft is innovative, and we have a Seal Of Excellence to prove it.

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We are proud to say that BitCraft has been recognized with the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission. The Certificate has been delivered by the EC as the institution managing Horizon 2020 a programme for Research and Innovation 2014­-2020. Our mobile project under a working title PharmAlert has been submitted in the area of Accelerating market introduction of ICT solutions for Health, Well­Being and Ageing Well. The “Seal of Excellence” quality label is awarded to promising projects submitted under Horizon 2020 which could not secure funding due to budgetary constraints but received high assessment scores in the demanding and independent evaluation process. Commissioners Corina Creţu, responsible for Regional Policy said: “For 2014-­2020, €100 billion worth of investments from the European Regional Development Fund will foster research and innovation, including over €32 billion earmarked to support SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs, the main drivers of innovation in Europe. The Seal of Excellence will help identify and support innovative projects and help them grow and compete internationally.” The evaluation screens against three defined criteria (excellence, impact and quality & efficiency of implementation) and identifies those proposals that are considered as meriting funding (above threshold). Going through creating, planning and submitting the project we have bettered ourselves in business planning. So, for future reference, we can gladly help […]

Beginner's Guide To Celery

Beginner’s guide to Celery

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Our small contribution to the Python community in Bialystok. This powerful and fast language gathers more and more followers around the globe, Bialystok is no exception. Each month Python fanatics meet during “Pystok” nights and indulge in the vast world of software engineering. Last meeting was special, it was a sort of a round celebration – 12th meeting. Bitcraft was one of the most active participants and supporters during that night. Our Code Sheriff straight from Tunisia – Mehdi ben Jaafar gave an outstanding lecture about Celery* Framework, which allows execution of asynchronous tasks in Python. You can have a peek at the presentation materials here: One of our case studies required his expertise in this subject in terms of configuration as well as implementation. We figured that this was important enough to share amongst other local Python enthusiast. We can promise you that this wasn’t our last appearance on Pystok. *Celery is an asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing. It is focused on real-time operation, but supports scheduling as well.