Happy European Breakfast Day!

Happy European Breakfast Day!

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Here, in BitCraft, we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we don’t forget about it even if we need to rush to work every morning.

Since today is the European Breakfast Day we’ve decided to prepare a group breakfast in our office kitchen, for those forgetful and the ones who love breakfast so much that they can eat it even twice a day 🙂

Statistically, on our polish tables, the dishes that appear most frequently are  sandwiches, scrambled eggs and sausages. Today, however, we’ve had the opportunity to taste other European breakfast dishes. We could choose croissants which is one of the favourites at french breakfast called petit déjeuner ; sandwiches with fresh bread, butter, various kinds of cured meat or jam like at german Frühstück or pick swedish frukost and taste crisp bread with mayo and various vegetables. There was also the Mediterranean accent – italian grossini, tomatoes with mozzarella and basil -which has matched our tastes perfectly.

Did you know, that the world’s first breakfast cereal was created in 1863 and needed soaking overnight to be chewable? Luckily on our table there were only modern corn flakes, cereals and muesli with fruits and those not scared of lactose could mix it all up with fresh milk and yogurts in various flavours 🙂

Since many people’s first thought after waking up is: OK, but coffee first! We couldn’t forget about coffee on our breakfast table! Despite the presumptions about programmers drinking only coffee, cola and energy drinks, our developers enjoyed fresh juices, tea, lemonade and even hot cocoa with milk! 😀

What’s more? On our table we could also find, sliced hard-boiled eggs for sandwiches (taste of our childhood :D) and several kinds of salads with sprouts and fresh avocado.

As for a desert we’ve had fresh fruits and lots of cookies *_*

We’ve finished our breakfast so now we’re full of energy and ready to get to work and accept new challenges!  How did you celebrate the #European_Breakfast_Day ?

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