BitCrafters individually and through teamwork have gathered, in total, 13 awards up to date!

BitCrafters have gathered multiple awards up to date!

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“I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research.” Albert Einstein We will try to show you why the above is so true. No matter how much this quote is being overused throughout the Internet, we have put it here on purpose and consciously, taking full responsibility of what reaction it may provoke. Last week we have launched a new section on our website (it’s available here: ) The recent multiple success of Anima project inspired us to do a little research amongst BitCrafters. What we found, we think is worth mentioning. In fact, this is something that we can honestly, proudly and without any restrains brag about. BitCrafters individually and thanks to teamwork have gathered, in total, 13 awards up to date! We have won four times in national and international competitions. We were twice second. Once third. We have been three times in the finals. Received two recognition letters. And one seal of excellence certificate. We took part in local, national and international events. The contests were organized by big […]

We will be at Palacongressi di Rimini between 9th and 15th July talking python and business.

Talking python in Rimini

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Few days from now on the 9th of July we will participate in the largest Python conference in Europe. More then 200 sessions, 186 speakers, professional trainings, multiple recruitment opportunities. And it all will happen in sunny (hopefully) Rimini Italy. The sponsors include big names like Intel, Facebook, Microsoft, Yelp, HotJar and O’Reilly. Why EuroPython EuroPython was the first major Python programming language community conference ever organized by volunteers. It started 2002 in Charleroi, Belgium, which attracted over 200 attendees. It now is the largest European Python conference with around 1200+ participants every year, the second largest Python conference world-wide and a meeting reference for all European programmers, students and companies interested in the Python programming language. We will be at Palacongressi di Rimini between 9th and 15th July This gives us a lot of time and a wide window of opportunity to talk technology and business. # If you want to talk or grab a beer, contact us via phone or e-mail @ +48 537 380 870 Learn more: Start a new project with us More about EuroPython2017

Our ingenuity has been noticed. BitCraft awarded.

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It was with great pleasure that BitCraft received an award for Innovation. In our short history it is already the second time we have been noticed for our work. On 22nd of May during the 10th annual gala of „Innowacje 2016” held by Kurier Poranny and NOT we have been awarded in the category of „digital solutions”. It is the first time that we have participated in this ranking and as it seems the first time’s a charm. The award has been given in multiple categories, in „digital solutions” our internal projects such as Auto On-Boarder, Project Starter and Conference Booking System proved to outclass the competition. Internal projects have their own quality to it, that special feeling. Ideas for those products came from within, from our own team. The execution, the concept, the architecture and of course the overall success is all because of team effort. We hereby say a big „thank you” to all who contributed. We had the pleasure to stand beside such great companies, with long business history as AC S.A., ZETO, Promotech or TenderHut. Congratulations to all! Additional info: Auto On-Boarder Application which renders manual on-boarding processes obsolete. It is an automatic system which with one click […]

Anima Image 2

Anima – Smart Notificator qualified to TOP 5 in Microsoft Imagine Cup Innovation Idea

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Our co-workers are not only excellent programmers, but they are innovative and enterprising as well! The fact that their project of smart notificator has qualified to TOP 5 in Microsoft Imagine Cup Innovation Idea which is the greatest example of their excellence. Congratulations to Michał Jaszczuk, Mateusz Markiewicz and Mateusz Bajko. They still have a long way to go, so we highly encourage everyone to support them and keep track of their road to the real market! More info about the project may be found on Facebook or the website: So how does Anima work? 1. PUT ANIMA IN YOUR HOME. You can choose any place, where you would like to be notified. For example put it close to your front door and get notifications when you come or leave the house. 2. INSTALL APP IN YOUR MOBILE PHONE. Now you can leave a message or add new device to your account. You can share device with your family, friends or roommates. 3. ADD DEVICE. Scan QR code or add manually any devices you want. 4. LEAVE MESSAGE. Leave message using your mobile app. Just choose device and recipients – it’s that simple!. They will be notified not now […]

BitCraft at Cebit '17

Meet us at CeBIT in Hanover.

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We are happy to announce that Bitcraft will be participating in CeBIT – Hannover 2017! Our delegacy is participating in the whole event from 20.03 to 24.03.2017 CeBIT is a Global Event for Digital Business – “ It is the only event in the world to present digital transformation in its entirety, showcasing real examples and best practice” 5days Conference with over 200.000 participants, 3,000 exhibitors and 2,000 Keynotes & Lectures! It’s a true windfall for client seekers. Over 200 speakers will present their materials, introduce their companies and share their ideas for better digital world. Over 450 startups will get a chance to introduce their companies, get partners to develop their innovative ideas and, with time, grow into stable companies on the market. The whole event will cover over 7.000 sqm! This years CeBIT is going to focus on artificial intelligence, cyber security and 5G mobile communications standards, another interesting topic is going to be drones, virtual reality and cloud solutions. Bitcraft is also participating in Future Match – a brokerage event that is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation and business partners. 242 companies has registered for this event. Participants meet from 20th to 24th […]

Bitcraft Blog - Keyboard Dismisser

Keyboard Dismisser

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Everyone knows, how uncomfortable some solutions are in Android. One of the most unexpected and most weird of them is the Keyboard API. Even so simple thing, as hiding keyboard programmatically is little problematic. It’s really clumsy, pretty long and not programmer friendly. We need to know the context of our application and pass current focus of a view as a parameter of a function. And it’s just a basic thing to do with keyboard. Imagine situation where you would need to add some complex functionality to that – it could be painful. One of a really nice features (from UX point of view) is possibility to hide the keyboard when user taps anywhere outside it. Google often uses this kind of feature in their own apps. It is really nice to have that option, so I decided to implement this functionality into one of my apps. Solution of this problem is not so obvious. After reaching my goal, I release it as an open source library. You can find it here: Keyboard Dismisser But if you want to implement it on your own, or you are just curious how to make it work, keep reading. I will try to […]

Bitcraft Blog - This is the time to grow.

This is the time to grow.

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After long lasting negotiations and deliberations we have finally closed the deal! From now on, together with the Podlaski Equity Investment Fund we will grow to be an international software house. We would like to thank all of our cooperants and clients for their trust and we promise to deliver even better services. What does this change? e gained a strong business partner we are now a polish sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] we have access to external funding we will invest in our office we will invest in our people we will hire new people we will invest in sales We believe that there are great things ahead of us!   more: PEI press:

Bitcraft SEO

We work only with the best SEO professionals

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As the company that develops and implements innovative mobile software, we are affiliated with Gogler Brzeziński Suszko Sp. J. to provide our Clients more possibilities to expand their firms or activities by SEO. This cooperation in the up-to-date Partner Program enriches our offer and it is not contrary to what we have done so far. Furthermore, everyone who needs help with his website or online shop, can call us to solve now. Our assortment is tailored to your needs. Benefits for you Each website can be more valuable for search by optimizing it for needs of SEO. Due to ethical methods and in accordance to guidelines of the Google algorithm, there is a possibility to be higher than competing companies in the top 10 searches. Internet users seek products and services more often on websites nowadays than several years ago, so the necessity of contemporary service providers is to be visible in the network. Main requirements are search-friendly website, individual and valuable page content and reasonable cataloging. Additional operations establish these works and put the order to all levels of important tasks. This way of promoting is one of the best and well-known due to accessibility of the Internet. At […]

Bitcraft Seal of Excellence

BitCraft is innovative, and we have a Seal Of Excellence to prove it.

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We are proud to say that BitCraft has been recognized with the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission. The Certificate has been delivered by the EC as the institution managing Horizon 2020 a programme for Research and Innovation 2014­-2020. Our mobile project under a working title PharmAlert has been submitted in the area of Accelerating market introduction of ICT solutions for Health, Well­Being and Ageing Well. The “Seal of Excellence” quality label is awarded to promising projects submitted under Horizon 2020 which could not secure funding due to budgetary constraints but received high assessment scores in the demanding and independent evaluation process. Commissioners Corina Creţu, responsible for Regional Policy said: “For 2014-­2020, €100 billion worth of investments from the European Regional Development Fund will foster research and innovation, including over €32 billion earmarked to support SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs, the main drivers of innovation in Europe. The Seal of Excellence will help identify and support innovative projects and help them grow and compete internationally.” The evaluation screens against three defined criteria (excellence, impact and quality & efficiency of implementation) and identifies those proposals that are considered as meriting funding (above threshold). Going through creating, planning and submitting the project we have bettered ourselves in business planning. So, for future reference, we can gladly help […]

Beginner's Guide To Celery

Beginner’s guide to Celery

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Our small contribution to the Python community in Bialystok. This powerful and fast language gathers more and more followers around the globe, Bialystok is no exception. Each month Python fanatics meet during “Pystok” nights and indulge in the vast world of software engineering. Last meeting was special, it was a sort of a round celebration – 12th meeting. Bitcraft was one of the most active participants and supporters during that night. Our Code Sheriff straight from Tunisia – Mehdi ben Jaafar gave an outstanding lecture about Celery* Framework, which allows execution of asynchronous tasks in Python. You can have a peek at the presentation materials here: One of our case studies required his expertise in this subject in terms of configuration as well as implementation. We figured that this was important enough to share amongst other local Python enthusiast. We can promise you that this wasn’t our last appearance on Pystok. *Celery is an asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing. It is focused on real-time operation, but supports scheduling as well.