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Previous weekend was very successful for our office colleagues. From 9th to 10th June our guys participated in a 48-hourly marathon called – Bialjam* 2018. Our co-workers, Maciej Iwaniuk and Szymon Zdanowski with their teams joined the competition, and we want to show their work!


The goal of the event is to popularise the art of creating computer games. Teams consisted of at most 5 members and their task was to create a game which will be connected in any way to randomly chosen topic . This year event’s subject was “Janusze” (in Poland this is an irreverent way to describe stereotypical middle aged polish man, who snoops business everywhere and every day with his son, named Pioter, think how to gain money in any possible, crafty way).


*Bialystok’s Creating Computer Games Competition

Maciej Iwaniuk’s team won 2nd place with the“Janusze on OLY”.  Due to the topic, the team decided to make their game simply and comic. “Janusze on OLY” is a game for 2 to 6 players.

A little bit about the rules:

  • OLY’s rules are mapping other game named Dobbled.
  • It’s a typical observation game.
  • To play we need one computer to display requests, and every user needs a mobile phone.
  • Every player gets a set of 8  “Give-away” items from auction platform OLY and the task is to find only those 8 items which appear on screen.
  • The player who gives correct answer within 5 seconds, wins defined amount of points.
  • Gameplay has 5 rounds.
  • At the end of the game, every player gets the information about score and place . The winner also gets “Gold words of wisdom”.


  • In the meantime we can listen to the texts of typical Janusz in the background 😉  

Creating process: the team created every single part of the project themselves. Graphic designer created cool graphics, our co-worker Maciej was responsible for sounds, and the rest of the team was dealing with pure development in Unity with C#, service part was done in NodeJS with the use of Mobile part was written in ReactJS. We can also hear Maciej’s voice and music which he created using the GarageBand software.

Janusz and son

The second project which wasdone by our colleague Szymon Zdanowski also deserves attention. The game is called “Janusz and son”.

A little bit about the rules:

  • To play this game we need two players who will become mechanics: Janusz and his son Pioter.
  • to get the best score we have to fix as many cars as we can in 2 and half minutes. We get cars with random breakdowns, f.e. missing wheels or damaged engines.
  • We have to fix it quickly and remember to cooperate well at all times.

The way of fixing the damage is different for each of the accidents. We have to pump up the tire  using the compressor and remember to switch it off when tire is pumped, if not, the tire will blow up and we will have to start the process again.

We can fix the engine only when we are close to it and we have the right tools next to us. Additionally, because of lack of work safety regulations in our garage a fire breaks out very often. In this situation we have to take a fire extinguisher and fight with it.

All elements in the game were made by the team members (exceptions are the font and particles).

The heart is Unity engine, which the team used to write code in C#. Sounds are team’s voices and the music was created in the GarageBand software.

The big advantage of the game is defined graphic style, that team gained by using voxel graphics, which were created in MagicaVoxel. The game is for two players, and the default controls aree Xbox 360 pads.

We are glad and proud that we’re working with such talented people! Congratulations for Maciej Iwaniuk and Szymon Zdanowski, we can’t wait to play!


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